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Full Version: Problems Installing White Night on Mac
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Hey guys whats up? I'm new to the forum so my apologies if this is not in the right sub forum, mods feel free to move it.

Anyway, I'll keep it short. I love Amnesia, I found out about White Night which I'd love to play.

I have a Mac OS X, and have purchased the game directly from the Frictional Game store.

Now, before anyone says it...Let me say I have searched through threads and google for two days. I'm actually that set on trying it out. I've tried just about every tutorial, tried all the terminal commands, Apple scripts. And even had a friend help to write our own.

Nothing works! Huh

Any help would be greatly appreciated, or feel free to link any other tutorials perhaps I've missed (Unlikely, ha!)

Thanks, Take care!

Hey man, thanks for the reply!

I have actually seen both of these pages and I've followed them word for word but still nothing.
Granted, they are a bit confusing...I'm not sure what some steps mean...

For example "Switching to the parent will provide the place for installing total conversion mods"
Not very well explained...

I've also found this page :

Which doesn't work and on top of that still doesn't make sense to me... With steps with huge grey area's like "Adjust the launch setting" And not telling us how...

As far as your second link, I've tried all those scripts and even have modified them in hope to work

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Second link has a tutorial on how to find root folder and extract everything there. I don't use Mac so I'm not sure how to handle things, but I know lots of Mac users were able to play WN:
I've checked out the second link once again.

I'll run over this...I right clicked Amnesia and hit show package contents. I then dropped all the files from whitenight with in it. Easy enough, that's correct right?

I then tried making an apple script and running terminal. I've tried all the codes I can find and even made many of my own. Nothing works. Did I install it correctly and not getting it to run correctly? Or is it the opposite?

This is the 4th time I've spent an hour trying to get this mod to work...Yup I really want to play it...haha!

Any more advice would be great, especially with a bit more detail.
Could anyone else give me their 2 cents on this?
Nothing? No one? Sad
Total conversion are NOT available to the mac since mac cannot run .exe,.msi, or .bat files (Bat files are used to launch the total conversions)