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Full Version: My first error! =D
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Today I'm celebrating my first error. Smile
At line 146, I forgot to enter "void". Rolleyes
It took me a while to figure out too. I had to actually open something else than regular Notepad, to find what line it was, and even then I couldn't figure out what was wrong with the line.
Well, it's solved now, guys. Took me maybe 10-15 minutes. Big Grin

Thanks for letting us know Smile
I remember my first error, I never put the AddEntityCollide function inside void OnStart(). I was really puzzled for a while, but I too managed to figure it out!
Good Times...
i remember my error, mostly because its still here, and i cannot figure out what it is :p, still searching the forums for help. if i am not able to find anything i might consider posting my problem. already searched for 2 days now...
Copy-Paste always gets me. Forget to change what I pasted.
i remember my first eroor Smile it was the first line i had ever wrote Sad