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Full Version: New Extremely Spoiling Penumbra: Black Plague Videos!
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Read first!

These two videos Extremely Spoils few things, so if you don't want that you're gaming experience suffers, please, don't watch these!
Finally, You can find these from the Penumbra: Black Plague Publisher Homepage!

Flow Video

You can hear that Clarence is talking to you. (Shows few puzzles also!)

Atmosphere Video

You can see Grey (infected-guy) moving, talking, and chasing you!

Watch them in larger resolution from Here!
If you read the email in the flow, you'll find it says this in the bottom email
"-Something Something artifacts; 27 (now believed to be somehow related to the contents of the recently discovered tomb)
-somethign artifacts: 10 (Of little to the A(something) but, for some reason, of great collectible value to the lower caste)
-T(something) Tomb"

The file also talks about how their base is within 1/2 mile of the 1973 explosion, caused by a 'Crazed miner' and how, while the base is nearly self sufficient, was quite vulnerable to being found out 2 years ago with high amounts of shipping for materials needed to make the base.
Hm? What's up here?
Nothing anymore...

EDIT: 25.1.2008

Videos founded again! Read the first post!
So, what was in the video?

Here ya guys go! And even nicer quality than the youtube versions
Videos are founded from YouTube, but someone has deleted them from there...
But luckily now, they're founded again from two other places and you can see them again from this Thread!
Read the first post!
Well... HOW extremely spoiling?
Does it involve plot twists/plot after the first 30 minutes? Monsters? Notes that reveal alot of story?
Hmm... Interesting, it says in Atmosphere video...
Spoiler below! one sign: Kennel.
Watch the larger resolution version so you can see it better!
I didn't think that the video was a MAJOR spoiler. Just a moderate spoiler. The only possiple plot spoiler is when the 'person' starts talking.
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