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Full Version: Diablo 3 stream and a new kind of site
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Pathfinder Gaming

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At Pathfinder Gaming we are a new enthusiast gaming annitiative that is
looking to provide a service and content for gamers from all different
gaming backgrounds and skill levels. At the moment the team will be
mainly playing Diablo3. We will be pushing out all sorts of exciting
content of all the PVE and when PvP is released we will be focusing on
that. And since this is a new community we would appreciate some support
by following us on Youtube, and Twitter. Oh, and did I
mention there is a giveaway for every 50 followers which follow us on
any of our networks, the giveaways can be either a will vairy between
all sorts of things, from Diablo related to proffesional gaming gear.

Diablo3 Content Blast

So guys with the release of Diablo3 we will be pushing hard to get a
load of content out, including a duo 26 hour stream, an hour before EU
release. Other than that we will be continusly updating twitter for tips
and updates as we grind through and uploading 1-3 videos a day for the
forseable future.

To watch this stream head over to


And be sure to follow us on:!/PathfindersGame


Future Plans & Functions

Until our website is fully build and we have sorted out what we can do
and what support from other communitys we can get we will be able to
release more but we will be doing weekly update videos on what is going
on in Pathfinder Gaming. But what we can promise is that if you are a;
Call of Duty, Gears of War, League of Legend, Dota2, Starcraft 2,
Diablo, Halo player/supporter on any of the availiable playforms we will
try and support you, Note we are not trying to replace or be similar to
any sites like Solomid or Team-Liquid etc.


Our Mission statement and Slogan is simple, Evolve Player Progression