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Full Version: Penumbra: Black Plague Demo - Download Here!
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Penumbra: Black Plague Demo has finally been released! Smile

You can get it from Here!

Check out the Developers Thread of Penumbra: Black Plague Demo from Here! Smile

Remember to give your Vote to the Poll!
You can also post your thoughts, questions, suggestions and other stuff of the Demo into this Thread!
I'm waiting for the linux demo... Smile
So, i dont know
How retarded am I? I can't figure out the first room Sad
I stopped at the red blinking red, I'm too scarred...
Went a lil' futher, untill I saw a door that I reconized from one of the videos... gulp.
Penumbra Wrote:I stopped at the red blinking red, I'm too scarred...
haha :/
damn, i'm stuck...
(i got a computer from a friend with windows on it, just for trying the demo Big Grin)

edit: no more ? :p
I've only just stated, but now I've got Uni work to do. Shame.

Ah well, at least I know one thing when starting the game: "Oh no! Please don't!" *stabby stabby*
alright, so, one of the bad guys comes after me. what do i do? i hide, but they've got flashlights!
Dude! They come after you! Now I'm relly scared...
i went until the part i cracked open the fuse box. Couldn't go any further. Too scared!!!!!
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