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Full Version: Do you like Gray ?
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I find Gray very interesting. He sees you when you are infront of him, so sneaking is fun and he kicks stuff and punches them out of his way Big Grin
When I saw him i was very scared. But it was fun to watch him trying to get to me when I was behind a closed door Big Grin until he "opened" them... :p
I wish he couldn't really makes things unscary in some sense. "What was that!?!" "You're dead!" all seems kinda ridiculous. I would prefer a grunt of some sort or a scream. I'm sure some people know what i'm talking about.
Well, I'm guessing Gray is the zombie but when did he get the name Gray?
You're guessing that he's the one mentioned in the papers?
I also find the speech redicules.
HiViH Wrote:I also find the speech redicules.
gray is dreamy...not! i thought his speech kinda cracked me up
If Gray was the name of that fellow in the paper who was reported as infected, I thought he died via overdose of insulin. Guessing that didn't work so will.
It's Grey. Not Gray.

And read the note Medical Report. It tells you that this infected guy is Grey.
Well, if all's bad in the official version, I guess I could *grumble* spend about 3 minutes changin g the files so he doesn't speak.
I watched the sound files, I was just curious... And I noticed that there's more sounds for enemies than Greys.
There's files called: Holemonster.

What could that be?
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