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Full Version: Want Amnesia Merchandise?
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(06-20-2012, 12:22 AM)failedALIAS Wrote: [ -> ]Been thinking about getting a gift for my cousin (she's 6), so maybe an Amnesia monster plushie would be great! I'm thinking of that one Tortured Monster thing in the iron maiden, but with emo hair!
Dafuq did I just read?
I know we would never see anything like this, but I think it would be cool to have Amnesia-themed LEGOs. Seriously. I would buy them in a heartbeat. Just saying.

But, in all actuality, a T-shirt/hoodie/plushie is probably what I would go for, if anything. I probably wouldn't get the plushie for myself, but for a friend, though I can't say I'd definitively be in an all-fired hurry to buy an Amnesia would depend on the artwork, or phrase, or whatever you put on it.
So, any idea of when we're going to be seeing any of this Frictional? :L
I'd like t-shirts and poster, but most of all... action figures. Or at least plushies
Did not read the whole thread, but did vote.

Yes, very much so! I would gladly wear an Amnesia shirt and hoodie out. I need something better to replace my now ragged Left 4 Dead hoodie and Quake 2 shirt.
Jup, I'd definitely buy a Poster. Shirt or Hoodie would also be great... Plushie would be a funny idea too, but I don't know, wouldn't they be quite expensive to make...? But I'd sure love to have a cuddly grunt or suitor sitting on my bed ^^
My mousemat. Photobucket was acting weird last time.

[Image: Amnesiafoto.jpg]
I enjoyed Penumbra more than Amnesia, so I wouldn't mind a poster or two, or perhaps a shirt, even though the demand for Amnesia stuff is much higher. I would definitely buy some Amnesia merchandise too!

From the SUPERSECRET Penumbra file I see there's probably not a lot of polished concept art for the games, and I probably wouldn't want a poster of a man burning alive in my bedroom, but I'd love to see what you guys could come up with!
Would be awesome to walk outside wearing Amnesia T-shirt or hoodie, or have a poster. There's nothing Amnesia related in my apartment. ...except the game of course. Got to fix this! Someone already mentioned action figures, I'll mention it again.

I also voted for plushies. I want my own servant grunt or brute to guard my sleep. D:
I've read more of the thread and I agree about how awesome a keyring doodad would be. Perhaps a battery-activated lantern that doesn't actually emit light like a lantern, but instead projects out of the bottom, making it a useful flashlight utility when it's dark out.

Spoiler below!
Rock Worm dildos and Frozen Head fleshlights
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