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Full Version: Want Amnesia Merchandise?
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(07-11-2012, 12:14 AM)Bridge Wrote: [ -> ]
(07-10-2012, 09:02 PM)nemesis567 Wrote: [ -> ]Well, I'm unsure if this is a good idea, because your target/people who like you(as FG) is based on this community, whose major part is made of under-aged and thus without economical capabilities members. Trying to implement such kind of business, with such kind of cost might be nothing more than a setback for you.

Since you want to sell some merchandise, and being that your team's qualities are not built upon the skills required to create the merchandise you want to sell(or at least placed a poll on), maybe you should think of a creative way to advertise your products/yourselves. If you're looking for an extra income it's also quite easy to think of a few less troubling options. Managing the sale of that, or paying someone to sell it is quite an hard task.

I haven't voted nor will I for now, but I believe the only viable product of these for now is the posters. Cheap, interesting and invaluable for some.

I also do not promote or approve any form of consumerism. The success of this project of yours is based on THIS simple form of crowd control. One of the things I mostly liked about you was the abnormality of your works, including the absence or apparent absence of "what's usual". That assured that your games were pieces of art because they were unique and could have you feel deeper emotions. I hope your success does not corrupt you too.

Anyway, who am I to advise anyone...
While I agree with you completely (I'm only really interested in a poster and t-shirt anyway) I think it is more than a bit presumptuous to tell people they shouldn't be interested in certain products.

Is it? Don't people tell people everything else? How to be, how to behave, how to look, what to buy, what to not buy?
I never nor will I tell anyone to behave as someone else.
I've got two words, Halloween Costumes! (Maybe a humanoid version for the Penumbra Worm) The monsters are so scary that they would make excellent costumes.
Also, placing something like this:
"I would never buy any merchandise!!!"; will be causing psychological influence in the voter's decision.
(05-26-2012, 02:42 PM)Thomas Wrote: [ -> ]We are considering to start and sell Amnesia (and perhaps Frictional and Penumbra) related merchandise. Before we start looking into it, we just want to check what kind of interest there is and what type of stuff people want to the most. So please answer the poll question and we will see what happens Smile
Forgot to add to my choice, but thank you for offering this option to us Big Grin .
I would love to see some posters. My wall is lookin quite bare to the moment, and I can't think of anything better to fill it with then a amnesia poster.
A mask of the grunts face! That would scare the shit out of people!
I know this is a stupid idea but what about you make masks and costumes of the enemies.
T-shirts, hoodies, posters and plushies Big Grin
Plushies, t-shirts and posters
Some sexy Amnesia themed lingerie would be nice!
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