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Full Version: Want Amnesia Merchandise?
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Any feedback Frictional?
I want them all!
Must. Have. Servant Grunt Plushie!!

Are you guys working on this? I would like to know
Hell yeah, I would love to have Amnesia plushies and hoodies and and everything
A Lantern!!!!!
I'm still counting on T-shirts and keychains. A keychain with the simple "Amnesia" logo would do =] I need something on my key set.
A Grunt or Brute Halloween costume would be great. The monsters are creepy enough in the game; they'd be even worse in real life.
Guys, costumes are a cool idea, but it's really expensive to produce. You can request it, but it might not be profitable for them to make and sell. Unless the costume looks really cheap =\ I make my own costumes and it really does add up when it comes to materials.
T-shirts and plushies. Please, please plushies.
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You forgot the link, dear spambot... How's your advertisement going to work without a link? Big Grin

Or...are you a real person? I'm a bit confused right now. Well... Amnesia corsets would be a nice idea, but they are far more expensive than a mere T-shirt or Hoodie. And the target group for such merchandise among the Amnesia community is probably too limited.
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