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Full Version: Want Amnesia Merchandise?
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There's a Daniel in a maid costume on that channel, too. ^^
So what do we need now?... ah yes... Alexander...
So.... "Other (say what in post)


How about (as been said) that lantern, real life useable replica.
The artifact you find around (similar to the one that served as a savespot in Penumbra) make it hollow, with a lid...cookiejar =D
...just examples.

Stuff like this might cost...production wise, but I would definitely buy it.
Oh, wooohooo! I'd love to buy some merchandise!
I've voted for "other", but of course I'd buy the suggested ones as well, I decided to give my opinion on every article, I hope that's alright.

My favorite option, would definitely buy them! Maybe with some quotes? (especially Justine's are sometimes hilarious in a weird way...) Or the Amnesia logo/rose? A loading screen? Oh, and a general thing: If Daniel appears, could you please use his concept art? Don't get me wrong, I ike the way he looks on the retail version, but it's too modern somehow. Wink Could you add "thumb holes" to the hoodies? (at least for the ladies...)

I don't really wear them, at least Baseball caps. But maybe a nice Alexander beanie or similar? Wink I'd buy that!


As someone many posts ago already said, those creepy monsters would surely look awesome as plushies. But I'd also like to see the main characters (maybe the suitors before Justine met them?)

Cool idea - especially if they would come with an adhesive that doesn't damage painted walls (otherwise my landlord wouldn't be too happy...). Nice motives would be here as well the logo/rose, maybe together with quotes, loading screens or again the main character (and a..more "human" version of the suitors. Really, I'm curious what they looked like!)

Now, to "other" things:
Someone already mentioned a lantern replica - great idea if this should be possible! I'd also like tp see an artbook or even a novel (if you can find a good writer - I liked the "Remember" ebook. Don't let anyone else write this!) - prefferable available on the Amazon Kindle as well, but a "real" book is ok too. Apart from that...well, I wanted to write "patterns for Cosplay clothing" , then I realized you never really see much clothes except for the pictures. Wink
Or maybe a book/DVD that contains some more background information, explains the making of the game, etc.?

I think that's all for now, but I guess I'll come up with some more ideas. Oh, one last thing:

Where would you sell them? I'd love to see them both on Jinx (as I order there regularly and they are really popular), but I'd also like to buy directly from you, as I live in Europe and the customs are like 30% when you order from the USA :/)
(05-26-2012, 02:42 PM)Thomas Wrote: [ -> ]We are considering to start and sell Amnesia (and perhaps Frictional and Penumbra) related merchandise. Before we start looking into it, we just want to check what kind of interest there is and what type of stuff people want to the most. So please answer the poll question and we will see what happens Smile
T-Shirts (Frictional games, Penumbra, and Amnesia) and such would
be great, as long as they're reasonably priced. I wanted T-Shirts from other
Developers, but they wanted $24.99 for just a front logo'd T-Shirt; no thank
you at that price. If you keep them reasonably priced, people will be more
prone to purchase them.

How about a t-shirt for each AMFP pre-order?
I would be epic if you could get an amnesia lantern Smile
I picked most everything except posters. I even picked other. "Other" would be detailed figurines of the Brutes and Grunts... Poseable? Well, might as well make action figures. Tongue
If there's going to be talk about plushies, at least make them out of leather, and make them scary. Cute plush Cthulhus are horrible.
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