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Hey there I'm really looking forward to black plague but I'm a linux user here and I was wondering if we can get an update on how that is comming along
I have no clue, but I'm sure it will take a little bit longer. Do you suppose wine works with Penumbra? I use mandrivalinux, but have Windows XP 64bit on the side, just in case i ever need the OS.
We'll see if we can bring up some news about the linux release soon!
Thank you Big Grin
you're the best Jens. So nice to know some companies support linux. It's the fair thing to do.
I'll buy the Linux version the day you release it! Can't wait!

I just got the windows version =p but if it going to be released too linux, will linux users get a way to install using windows version?
edfardos Wrote:I'll buy the Linux version the day you release it! Can't wait!

+1 Big Grin
Yes, it works in Wine with a visual oddity here and there (the reflection of the milk jug in the first room floats below the object when you lift if from the floor).

But, I suppose that may be normal, I don't know, I don't use nor own any Microsoft products -- and never will.

If Microsoft frowns -- we all perish.

Eager to hear news of the Linux version. I own Overture for Linux and I love the game! Sadly I had to make room on my HDD and had to resize my home partition, had many casualties, one of them being my Penumbra saved games. So I'm playing again Big Grin Never finished the first game, though, got stuck after entering the mine (just past the first worm pursuit) because the spiders killed me all the time. I'm eager to get there, by the way Smile

At any rate, as soon as Black Plague is available for Linux, I'm buyin'. Downloading the demo for it as I write these lines, hopefully Wine will accept it alright... There was a problem with one of the demos (RenderToTextureTest) from Thomas in the WorkLog about OpenAL, had to download the Creative OpenAL installer for Windows to be able to run that demo.
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