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Full Version: Among the Sleep
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I really want to beg a few dollars, but unfortunately Kickstarter doesn't offer payment via PayPal.. Sad
This game looks fantastic.
Don't think I can back from where I live either. I doesn't accept Paypal and I don't own a Credit Card. I'd gladly pay for preordering it if they gave the option somewhere else though...
Backed already :p
I see great potential here! *Pledging $25*
Here's a Q&A with the developers:
Looks like and feels like Amnesia! You can interact with objects just like Amnesia did. Sadly, I can't back this game up.
I hope they reach their goal. In the last two days they haven't received that much money.. :/
I hope this game gets past the goal.

And I wonder what FG think of this?
Oculus Rift is a possibility:
(05-07-2013, 12:07 AM)Paddy Wrote: [ -> ]Oculus Rift is a possibility:

Rift support confirmed! This is going to be awesome!
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