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Full Version: Among the Sleep
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Yay! It's funded!

Played the alpha, really, really good.
I played the alpha and I really enjoyed it, played on medium settings with a low resolution and everything disabled, so I may want to upgrade before I actually get it.
Thomas played the Alpha.
Twitter post:

Just finished the Among the Sleep alpha: great narrative focused stuff. Do throw some money their way
You can support them now in the last hours with paypal

We hit the Oculus Rift stretch goal, just another $5,000 for a commentary track Big Grin
Yeah, and at 250.000$ we get a free DLC which will be made in collaboration with the backers.
Not sure if they reach the 250k but the commentary goal should be no problem I think. Smile
You're right droog, we just crossed the $230,000 mark! Big Grin
I just finished the alpha, and I loved it! Feeling of being helpless: maximum
The project is funded, but we didn't quite make the $250,000 stretch goal. Hopefully we got close enough that they'll still go ahead with it (it reached $248,358).
But we get the 250k DLC nevertheless. Smile (they said it in the livestream)
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