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Full Version: Among the Sleep
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Wow, that is brilliant. How much more helpless can you get than a little child? Very impressed with the demo you just posted, though the title is somewhat iffy. Definitely going to keep an eye out for this one.

Also is that Thief-style hoisting when the child climbs up on the chair? If so that is really awesome, something that's lacking in the original Amnesia.

Baby's first horror game?

Looks awesome.
Already a thread about this literally just a few threads away.
Man, that thread was not there yesterday.

Lock this one if you want to, mods.
I'm definitely looking forward to this game! No doubt, the devs learned a lot from the team at Frictional Games. Also, the art style has a really nice, Bioshock-look that I'm really digging! The monster scare at 35 seconds is something that I thought would happen on numerous occasions during my first play-through of Amnesia!
Absolutely amazing.. I can't even.. whoa. The monster that walked by reminded me of Alien. You know, Alien vs Predator stuff. And the scary music. Damn. ;D
I will definitely keep an eye on this game. Very interesting to play through the perspective of a child. I wonder though what you will do? What is the goal, sightseeing or puzzles or what?
But still, looks really cool Smile
Only thing I'm not sure about is the Parkour Babby protagonist, his movement is a little too fluid and secure for a 2-year old.

Not saying it has to be 100% realistic, but it might break immersion, and we all know how important that is to a good horror game.
This post from the devs makes me extra interested in the game:
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