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Full Version: Super_Secret.EXE extraction problem (Steam)
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I'm having some trouble extracting the file Super_Secret.EXE (penumbra black plague), I have steam, so all the Penumbra Black Plague files are in a GCF file.

I tried to extract the file by using GCFScape but it didn't worked, as well I can't open the file, this same error occurs in all the files in the GCF file.

Anyone knows how can I extract the Super_Secret.EXE file from the GCF file?

P.D: English is not my first language, so I might have committed a grammar mistake.
you should be able to access the super_secret.exe by going through steam > steamapps > common > penumbra black plague > redist > super_secret.exe. as far as i know, there shouldn't be a need to mess with the GCF file at all.
Here's how to open super_secret.exe: Find and collect all "Artifacts" in game and when you finish the game you get a code to open it