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Full Version: Thomas, 2008-02-13, "Render To Texture" (includes demoapp)
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Hi again all!

One of the things that I am planning to do in this work log is to release a demo showing off a new feature whenever I can. That way I can see how well the engine works on various machines and you readers will also be able to follow the development in a more hands-on fashion!

First out is a render to texture test. In HPL1 I never used any direct rendering to texture, but instead I copied data from the screen to a texture. This was good for the time being, but it also had a bunch of drawback most notably it could be quite slow on certain instances. For HPL2 I will have full render to texture support though and I just finished the implemenation.

Attached is a screenshot showing how it should look. If you get any strangenes while running please post a reply and report it along with a copy of hpl.log and a screenshot (taken using F8)

Download Link:
Minimum Requirements:
Radeon 9600 / Geforce FX
W, A, S and D: Move around
Mouse: Look around
F8: Screenshot
If anyone wants to mess around with the pattern generated feel free to fiddle around with "" in the programs folder. If you get anything working please attach a screen! Smile
Texture appears completely white at all angles.

ATI x1550 (latest drivers as of september)
1.5 gigs of ram
Unknown processor
Please attach hpl.log.
done, txt added.
Please try the attached exe and see if that helps. I turned off mip map generation for the render texture.
This is interesting. With an ATI Radeon X1650XT and latest driver (8.1), the original EXE renders it all white and the NoMipMaps EXE renders it properly. With the 7.11 driver, both work perfectly (maybe related to problems with ATI drivers and Penumbra in this thread ?).
Just love ATI drivers Tongue I am gonna make a change tomorrow or tonight and see if that helps. Right now I generate mipmaps while the texture is still set as render target. Perhaps that is what is causing it.

Please check by and test when I have an update
Attached is another update exe. Please try and say what the results are.
Same results as with the original. With newest 8.1 drivers, texture is all white, but with older 7.11 driver, looks perfect.

They sure heat up my graphics card quickly! Smile
Second test worked; third didn't. Here is the attached HPL log for third test.
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