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Full Version: penumbra black plague, help!
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IM stuck and I need help. It said I needed a hand to get into the room (I think it's the library) so I went into the technologicey room with all the computers and gave the guy a saw. he proceeded to escape the room and chase me. Dodgy (thats what I get for helping people) anyways It says the powers out so i cant open the door. Not only can I not leave the room and a penis monster is chaseing me, but I can't even find the hand. what do I do?
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Oh, thank you
Here's a couple hints to get you started. They get more explicit as you go down, so you can try each one if you still want to try and figure it out yourself.
Spoiler below!
You need to get him to stop chasing you somehow, can you trap him?
Spoiler below!
Somewhere is a door that is activated by a button, not by pulling it like the others.
Spoiler below!
The brightly lit room with a single pillar and lots of computer noises has the button next to it, lead him in there and trap him.