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Full Version: Hidden Item
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Sorry first of all if this is in the wrong place or this has been answered somewhere that I'm too dim-witted to see.

I'm frankly just getting into doing my own custom story - so far working on making the rooms look nice but will be moving into the story and whatnot soon, so you may see me with scripting questions in the future.

Right. So after leaving my first room, you enter a small corridor. Theres a cupboard with some oil and a painting. I want to know how I can add a little wall safe type place behind the painting - this will house the key to leave the corridor.

Can someone tell me if it's simply something I'm obviously not seeing or if I have to make it ect?

Thanks very much.
I think in the static objects you can find these.

For example, mansion base has a wall called default_secret, which has what you describe.