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Full Version: ATI HD Problems
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I honestly thought that the current HD problems would be fixed in a driver update, but considering that has not happned for quite a while its time to take matters into my own hands.

So, ordered a HD card and will start working on a fix the next week. Hopefully a patch will be available soon. When that is depends on the nature of the problem.

Just wanted to let you all know.

EDIT: Installed card today, fixed one bug and found fix for another. Now I am working on making the last fix fit with rest of engine.
Very much appreciated o:
ok dude, thanks

But did you reported the bugs to AMD/ATI??

They generally take some days (or even weeks) to make a fix for a specific bug to their graphic cards

Well, thanks anyway for ur work
Thanks for the response.
Will be waiting. Smile
Have been reported by me and several users shortly after release of Overture. I think I have waited long enough Wink

Hopefully it is a simple fix. Worst case scenario is that OpenGL-Cg (the shading language) is not fully compitable, which would mean a major rewriting of shaders.
ok thanks Wink
Thank you good sir!
thank you so much, i can now have hope of figuring out what the game looks like when half the screen is not grey
Much obliged :d
The only way to avoid the Texture bug is to set shaders to very low.. Sad
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