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Full Version: Ahh... Snow Path!!
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HOw to get back to other side of the outside snow house? I made a fire at 2nd house but cant figure how to get back to the first! And I don't know what Clarance is talking about when he says gap???



i'm stuck here as well.... there's a little ledge pathway over to the left of the bridge that collapses, i was able to get to the other side, but when i tried to jump off back up to the part that leads to the bridge i was thrown back to the other side with the ledge below where the bridge sits before it collapses, kind of scared me, guessing that may be it, but i couldn't get up that way before and i don't wanna fall all the way down should i miss the ledge next time.


nevermind, i tried again and i did it successfully, i think i was just too close last time.
Ok, I can do that and light both barrels. But it wont let me light the switch up!
<spoiler>combine the lighter with spray </spoiler>
i dont have any lighter! where can i find that? I'm already in the snow 'scene'

*EDIT* Nevermind, already found it Tongue