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Full Version: prop fade
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is the script SetPropActiveAndFade available to use for any entity?
if so...
i need to know what to type in the string:
void SetPropActiveAndFade(string& asName, bool abActive, float afFadeTime);
Activates/deactivates a prop.
asName - internal name
abActive - nothing to add
afFadeTime - time in seconds until prop fully fades

if anyone know them, please tell mehTongue
in the string, you type the name of the object to use it on. not too hard...
SetPropActiveAndFade("l2", "true", 1.0f);

tested like that, but didnt work, please correct the script for mehTongue

ok, now i see, the "" on true^^
thats the problem, thx
the "true" does not need to be declared, so it should be:

SetPropActiveAndFade("l2", true, 1.0f);
SetPropActiveAndFade("l2", true, 1); also worked^^
You can always find the error on your own. Also string is with "" and the name. bool is true or false, int is numbers like 1 2 3 4 5, float is 1.0f where you can put 1.0 as you want ( as long theres number.numberf (1.1f)