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Full Version: foreign characters
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What's the code for the characters Å Ä Ö? Can't find them..

What do you mean? Those are Swedish letters in the alphabet.

Non-scandi keyboards do not have keys for these letters, he's asking for the alt + ???? code for Å Ä Ö

See what you do is hit the ^^ key without holding shift once, then hit O or A on your keyboard.

ö ä as for Å, I don't actually know.
In the order you listed them in the original post, there are as follows:




and 0214

Hope that helped!
I'm swedish, and i know the ALT code, but when i put ex, Å in a note text, It shows up as a Ù in amnesia.. Is there a way to get the characters ÅÄÖ in the note?
You can't have ÅÄÖ in notes since they didn't add the characters to the font
Make sure your LANG file is encoded using UTF-8.
Thanks your computer, That solved it.. You are always there to help! ;D

I googled "UTF-8 ÅÄÖ" and this came up, And i solved it.
å: Ã¥
ä: ä
ö: ö
(07-04-2012, 10:01 PM)kartanonperuna Wrote: [ -> ]Scandinavian*

Scandinavia is Sweden, Finland, Norway, Iceland and Denmark together. But i bet you know that alredy.