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Full Version: Voice Actor Looking For Work (Offer Withdrawn)
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I agree, i must say you are either from 10-14 years old.

If you are 14 or 13 then you still have quite a 10 years old voice.
Well, I hate to participate in this topic but I do not think you are 26 years old. I can imagine you have a high voice, but I can already see that you are a young fellow trying to act grown-up. Nothing wrong with that, I'm sure we all did this atleast once in our lives. I suspect this by, for one, seeing how often you use "derp". Now, I'm sure we can all relate that most of the memes are so overused that they stopped being funny, especially when you spray them all over your videos (I know I have a yao-ming face as my avatar, but that's because I like the combination of Charmander and Yao Ming, the perfect pretext). The only kind of people that still find them amusing are 14 or lower of age that just found out about the internet (I'd actually would say 16, but that way I would contradict myself). Second, as I said earlier, I can imagine you have a high voice, but the way you act betrays you. You act like a child. You cannot do anything about this. I do it often too, for I am still a kid. It's just something that goes away when you grow up and gets replaced for mature-"ness" [See Robosprogs post]. And quickly making a new account to trying to get you covered only makes you more questionable. However I still wish you luck with playing Amnesia maps and having fun. Sorry if I sounded like a dick, take this as constructive critism.

I actually felt kind of immature writing this post, participating in the flame-and-off-topic-wars.
Ok this dicussion has probably gone on long enough, it is pointless to continue with it as it is going no where, besides it's not really a big deal so we can all just forget about it and avoid any possible unnecessary conflict.
The Rowan person was not me. It is a friend I was talking to about the situation who has a quick temper and wanted to respond. But I can see how close minded people are here so I will withdraw my offer to help be a voice actor or anything else here. It has been made clear to me that those who are not normal are not wanted or accepted here. I will contact an admin to please shut down this topic as I no longer wish to be harassed for being an abnormal person.
It's not that that they're being close minded, it's just that they're telling you the honest truth that you might not be the best for voice acting. Yes, some of the comments here are pretty rude and uncalled for, but they're just telling you that you're probably not going to get many response because of your voice. Not everyone is meant to be a voice actor, some people are naturally born with better acting voices than others. This applies to almost any job in life, if you're not physically fit then you're not going to be an athlete, if you didn't get the best education then you probably aren't going to be a teacher. It doesn't mean there's anything wrong with you, just that you should look into other options.
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