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Full Version: Turning a decal into a entity
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I want decals to appear when something happens. However, you can't set a decal (in)active. So I took a peek at the last part of Nepsis, because that map has suddenly appearing decals. Turns out, those weren't decals, those were entities. So now I am wondering, how can I turn a decal (dirt_coal to be exact) into a .ent file? I couldn't find a tutorial on this and I have no experience outside the level editor... Thanks in advance.
Model Editor.
The model editor seems to be only opening .ent files... I can't select the decal.
File > Import Mesh.
With import mesh I can only open .dae files, how do I turn the decal (.dds/.mat) into a .dae?
Oh, you didn't mean static objects > decals? You'll have to make your own mesh and apply a decal texture to it.
I'd say using something like 3ds Max or Maya, remember that you need the OpenCollada plugin for Maya to export models into .dae
Okay, I now used Static Objects > decals > filth_rust01 and made it into a .ent. Problem is, I can set it inactive in the level editor, but it still shows up in the level editor and in-game. Some help would be appreciated.
Open the entity in ModelEditor and go to Edit > User Defined Variables.

Change Type to: Object
And SubType to: Static

Save and you should be good to go.
I think it's working now. Thanks! Wait don't abandon this thread yet Statyk, take this rep with you!