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Full Version: What is this sound effect?
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Ok, so there is this sound effect, that I recall in the library of the main campaign. (The one with the first poofer in the first hub)

The sound effect sounded like 1 or two males singing.

like "Whoooo Oo"

And that was it. Just 2 "Whooooo" sounds.

If I don't get anywhere with this, Ill try and record it in game or something.
I had a quick look at the script, is it any of the "scare_male_terrified" clips? They're under sounds/scare Smile
(07-14-2012, 02:47 PM)JMFStorm Wrote: [ -> ]03_amb.ogg
You were very close but, not quite, its shorter. Ill try and find a clip.

amb idle whimper 01 .ogg

haha, I found it, turns out its in the brute section?


Anyway your feedback really helped me get closer. Thank you.