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Full Version: Ah, so *that* is what she looks like...
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I was curious.

(Not an image for the aesthetically conscious, or for those who have not yet reached the room with the chain...)

she looks a bit maskuline, don't you think? Wink
How did you manage to get her that direction?
Interesting - she was facedown when I saw her and I couldn't move her.

I'll say this - her voice certainly sounded more... appealing than the graphic. Oh well, everyone has their good points. Smile
I think i remember throwing a box at her corpse, and she moved a bit, MAYBE. Hard to remember, but i guess if i remember correctly, we should be able to flip that bleeding corpse around?

But yes, hot voice, VERY hot, but the actually character is a flat chested man-faced dead body. Lol.

I got excited when Clarence told me we could leave her for a few hours, or maybe go get her now and take advantage of her vulnerability Big Grin
(joking) xD
Ew. I expected something along the lines of Zoe from Dreamfall:

[Image: zoepb9.jpg]

I guess it would've been predictable to have a super hot scientist, but I'll take hot over a girl-man any day. Good thing she was face down after that something happens.
"Good thing she was face down"

Funniest shit i've read all day. XD
That's not her. There's no ragdoll for her. Her body is actually spawned in the face-down position.
Also, her hair is orange ;-)
Didn't Clarence say she was a joke he played on you?
kurent Wrote:Didn't Clarence say she was a joke he played on you?

Spoiler below!
no, him making you think she was infected was the 'joke'
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