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Full Version: Chemical-labs-exit-door-crash savegame
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Edit: looks like it all works out if you just buy the game Smile
gonna give it a shot! thanks a lot, really appreciate it Smile

It works, so thanks.

But there are no chemicals in the inventory. nor a syringe. The chemicals are not in the examination rooms either. So it now loads but it is YOUR inventory which is not what I had in my inventory and has left me lost and confused... sob...
Ofc its my inventory, its my savefile Tongue All chemicals but one is put into the machine already, check the spoiler below where to find the last one
Spoiler below!
its in the examination room, when you enter there go to the first room on the right, its on the desk directly to your right behind a couple of files/whateveryoucallem

The syringe.. hm.. probably disapeared eaerlier when i used it to solve some problem, ya dont need it anymore anyway so dont worry. Smile
thanks man lastly someone send us a save file
what order did you put the chemicals into the machine? and what code do i use????
Avignale3 Wrote:what order did you put the chemicals into the machine? and what code do i use????

what order i put em in doesnt matter, check the spoiler below for a hint about the code Smile

Spoiler below!
Check the antidote-note
Cheers man. Savegame worked perfect! Big Grin
Can anyone with this crash please post a save game(a save where it crashes that is) so that we can test this?

Go to My Documents/Penumbra/Black Plague/save and then take the save file from either auto or spot folder depending on what the last save is you have. Try to take a save from when you have picked up the substance and the only thing left to do is escaping the 2 min countdown.
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