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Full Version: Would you rather die by Brute, Grunt, Suitor, Kaernk, or Shadow?
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Rank them up from what you think is least preferable to most optimal.

Also do the same with those torture instruments.
None of the above, I want to live! lol. No seriously, probably Brute because they are ,in my opinion, the most capable of making a quick and painless death
There's also the shadow and water monster. Another interesting question would be which torture device you would choose to suffer if absolutely necessary.
I can't think of any situation where torturing myself would be optimal..
Totally edited the OP.
It depends on whichever one kills the fastest.

Spoiler below!
and is the sexiest
(07-22-2012, 06:56 AM)Zaari Wrote: [ -> ]It depends on whichever one kills the fastest.

Spoiler below!
and is the sexiest
This is a great factor to the killing process.
1. Kaernk: getting ripped apart by teeth would hurt like hell
2. Suitor: they have no weapon really, and being ripped apart by hand would suck
3. Grunt: they have claws so it would be a little faster
4. Brute: being chopped up with a massive blade would hurt immediately, but you'd die fast
5. Shadow: it seems like it pretty much just instantly kills you so there wouldn't be too much pain
The Shadow.
Your body dies, but your conciseness can communicate with all of the other victims of the shadow,
Shadow would be best, having endless conversations with people who have everything in common.
They all got killed by The Shadow!
Well Brute or Shadow would probably be fastest and thus the logical option here. But Malo is the most likeable of all (and also kinda hot), so...I guess he'd be my personal favourite ^^
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