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Full Version: Super secret file ?
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I know there is a super secret file on one of the computers in the game, but i cant remember on which one and i dont feel like playing the game again (it was realy cool though Big Grin LOVE IT Smile). So can anyone tell me where the computer with this super secret file is?
In swanson's office =p
And how is the passwort for this file, can someone send it to me over PM or so? I'm at that Office in the moment Big Grin
I didn't find the SuperSecret.exe file in Swanson's office.
Is it in the research room or the room where you just heard her for the first time (near the library door)?
The file is called "Schmup.exe" on Swansons PC and not "SuperSecret.exe"
super_secret is on ur own comp and schmup.exe on swansons comp. u get the password for those when u finish the game and collect every artefact and note.
I guess no one found the password...?
Ok found it very thanks!
Can someone PM it to me, i didn't find it Sad Please.
You can find password at this forum:
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