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Full Version: After the end, what happens next?
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What happens to philip, and the hatch for that sake. Do the guy that philip ask do as told and kills everything?, does philip die before this guy comes or does he survive? whats ur opinion?
was supposed to have a poll aswell but something happened and it didnt show upSad


What guy are you talking about >. < I don't get it :/
My Hypothesis:
Spoiler below!

1. He becomes a zombie like all the others

2. There are no real zombies, but the virus makes everyone think everybody else is a zombie so they attack eachother, even though they are really themselves after all, just hallucinating.
Sort of like how clarence got philip to think swanson was a zombie to get him to attack her and kill her?

3.Philip WOULD die, but the tuurngait virus made him immortal like the others so he just suffers for a really long time?

4. Philip Dies over time

5. Philip was killed in the beginning, and that dream thing is sort of an afterlife in a way, but his soul, like the others, forced to stay?

6. Philip did die when that incinerator thing happened, or his mind died, or his sould died forever

7. Blah happens to philip, and his friend does come, and kills them, or the story just repeats... And repeats... And repeats...

9. After all that hes been through, philip does manage to wake up and joins the tuurngait virus's way, like a zombie, but himself

10. After all that hes been through, philip shapes up and does whatever would have been done in Penumbra BWAV.

11. Hunter...

I'm not 100% sure, but something tells me that now, he's basicly taken Red's place and then the person who gets the email, will come down and go through the exact same thing Philip did...I guess it's just a never ending cycle.

Also, it seems sorta like the Matrix, like how the machines made them think that they were living a normal life, when they wern't really. Maybe the virus is just using Philip as a host while philip's in his never ending dream thing.
Ahh yes it seems requiem only leaves many more questions to be answered
I didn't get well one thing - who the hell is talking with Philip during the 'Requiem' (Eminiss? That "without one hand" zombie?) and what it's trying to tell him?
As stated in another post,

Spoiler below!
It seems you have to collect all 9 artifacts to get the whole ending and a code. I don't know what the code is for.
Well, this is an expansion to black plauge...You think maybe the code is for one of the computers in Black Plauge or something?
uhhh dragon master, ur kinda wrong

Spoiler below!

The infected work together, as they are controlled by the tuurngait. However, the rules of the virus is that the host cannot kill itself, because then the virus will die.
The reason clarence made phillip hallucinate was that he would die because Dr Swanson had the cure.

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