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Full Version: Penumbra Black Plague crash after door open to shelter
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Playing Penumbra went fine until now. I had to escape that one room where I blocked to entrance of a door with a shelf to keep the aliens out, I turn a volve, emergency exit opens.I crawl through, turn of a steam vault, jump, duck etc... I get out and then I had to exit . But... When I presh to open the door, it loads, and then it stops. And the game keeps being stuck, making this "ping ping " sound when I click the mouse so I end up pressing ctrl alt delete and I see the error message;

i found this topic with 2 fixes, first one didnt work, gave me some kind of error message about a hammer Undecided and the other one cant be found, the topic is gone.

Anything I can do about this ?
If not, is there any game like penumbra (apart from amnesia and call of cuthulu) ?