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Full Version: computer room! it's gonna kill me!!
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how do i get out! the power's down!! help me!!
which computer room? there are a couple rooms that has computers in them. but... if you're in the one i think... there's a computer... left there's the door and next to it (left again) there is a box... its obvious from here i hope Smile
I think it's the first one... with the cards and stuff... there's no box.. the power's down so I can't open the door. I'm freaking out.... that monster is gonna see me... I'm out of painkillers! :S!!
Spoiler below!
Make the monster follow you to the server room, hide in the dark and then throw something in the server room (the room who you can open with this button or panel) so the monster will looking in the room from where that noise came and then just push the button again to catch the monster in the room and leave it there!

ohh.. when you gave him the saw... yeah... that's a nice part i liked it...
great success, yes!!


jaimebakulic86 Wrote:great success, yes!!


tanks are cool eh?

ps: sorry i could not resist
At least we could kill the enemies a lot easier with some tanks in the game Big Grin