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Full Version: BSOD error
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i got this problem when i am at the map messhall and get to the point there the ghosty voice says something then the game starts loading and after that loading the screen goes to black and the only thing i hear is a annoying "piiip" then after maybe 30secs then i get a Blue screen (BSOD) error

heres the blue screen error

(taken with a mobile phone so not that excelent quality but i hope you can read it)

if you want the specs of my pc (its a laptop by the way) lookup the model hp pavilion dv 6005ea (i upgraded it with 1gb ram so i got 1,2gb)
Might be that your graphics card has overheated. Hard to say.
i checked gpu temp while playing and it where showing around 45 C
Might also be a driver issue or just some broken hardware :S
just updated all drivers to see if that worked but it didn't isnt there a way to skip the map that makes my pc go into Bsod?

Quote:This issue can occur if a requested page of kernel data could not be read from the paging file into memory, or the master boot record is infected with a virus.

Well, you better read the whole page and try these "Solutions" from Microsoft.

- maybe you got an boot virus
- maybe one of your memory cardridge (or how you call it in english*g*) is defect
- ...
Could you give more details on where the crash happens? From the first description it seems like the sewer, but you say messhall.
More details:

Quote:If the first parameter is 2, the driver stack returned an inconsistent status for the read of the page. For example, the driver stack returned a success status even though it did not read the whole page.

It is possible there is a bug in the graphics driver. However, it may also be possible that the paging file is corrupt, or on some bad sectors on the hard drive. You could try deleting the paging file (Windows will put it back), but that is not a trivial task. Maybe try uninstalling your graphics drivers completely and download the newest version from the web.

Basically, the error means that the code for a function call to something in kernel space (either the operating system or hardware drivers) was unable to be retrieved from the swap file on disk.

It is consistently happening in a specific part of the game?
it looks like a sewer but on the save file it says messhall, and yes it happends always when i hear that ghosty voice then loading and after that black screen and then a BSod

i will try that "Schwarze Pest" said then i will reply back here if it worked or not

how do i know that its a boot virus?
i only got avg on this comp and the windows defender
I think AVG scans the boot sector by default. However, if you had a boot sector virus, you would be noticing far more severe problems than Penumbra not working Smile
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