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Full Version: Once again-lag...
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There are plenty of lag concerning topics,but
I decided to create my own (to get more attention
and to be more specific Smile )

My system is Windows XP Athlon +2.7GHz 768 RAM
nVidia GeForce FX 5600 128MB. I fit in the min. req.
And I have quite more RAM than needed so Penumbra
SHOULD go smoothly,unfrotunately it isn't. I get lag
often even when starting on a fresh and cool PC (so
overheating shouldn't be the problem) I tried minimum
requirments,treid suggested,tried various settings actually-
nothing worked...I tried downloading older nVidia drivers (84.21 iirc )
nothing... What is my problem ? I had none with Overture...
P.S I was not able to find that "Threading optimization " or what ever
it is called... Any suggestions ?
Where does the lag happen? On all maps or just some?

I have fixed a bunch of stuff that should improve speed for those with heavy lag. This will part of a patch upcoming very soon. Still want to know where your problem is though, so I know if there is something more that need fixing.
Hmm you should probobly ask where it doesn't lag ;D.
It lags prety much everywhere,even in the menu(so yes all maps).But actualy I noticed more(a little more I should say) lag with gases...

Hope this helps atleast abit and thnx for the fast reply. Any tips before the patch comes out Big Grin ?
If it lags in the menus then the patch will not work. This has to be a problem with the drivers since the menus should be super fast. Uninstall your graphics card drivers and install them again. Also make sure you do not have any programs running in the background when you start the game.
Maybe I sohuld have been more specific. It does not lag in the menu until you start to play,during lag when I press Esc it lags in the menu for a while aswell
The world graphics and logic is not updated in any way when in menu. So it should stop lagging instantly. Sounds like an overheating problem or something. Try uninstall your graphics card drivers and install them again.
Ok tried completely uninstalling graphics card drivers and instaling old ones (nothing changed)
Did the complete uninstal and used new graphics card drivers...Guess what ? NOTHING changed

P.S I was also manualy cooling my PC altohugh the temp wasn't more 40 degrees of Celcius
I have remembered an old trick I used to play FIFA08 without lag. When the game starts alt+delete+ctrl and set priority high.
No lag anymore Smile
Thnx,for your help though
Very good suggestion! Thanks for the tip! Hope it helps someone else.
Man, this just begs for the linux version. Waiting patiently,