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Full Version: How do I patch my Gamersgate Downloaded Version?
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Does anyone know how I can patch my game that I downloaded from Gamersgate? I went to their site but do not see the patch available and I contacted them but have not received a reply yet. If anyone has a clue, please help as I cannot play the game currently.

Oh sorry i just saw this on the page:

IMPORTANT: This update is only for the CD version of the above described game, Gamer's Gate users or users that purchased the game in another language should contact their specific distributor for details on the update.

Woohoo what did i see there:

Quote:Renamed Deutch -> Deutsch
Down arrow is now correctly named when configured in options for German translation.

Wooho thanks for fixing these Big Grin
The patch is currently in the making last I heard, don't have any date but it is being worked on and I'm quite sure it won't be too long before they have it ready.
The gamer's gate patch is now available in case people have missed it. Just run the downloader program and on the black plague page there is now a new 1.0.1 update.