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Full Version: Amnesia - Two Years Later
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(09-14-2012, 02:03 AM)Gaviao Wrote: [ -> ]hmmm look i have a better idea... why don't you guys give a ragdoll of the new monster of AAMFP for who pre-order it?
Better idea: have a hardcore mode where you get a weapon, 25 clips of ammo and 3 med-packs, and flying naked guys constantly appear.
Shit. Now THAT is Survival Horror.
Well, the only question is there anything at all that could be called "unreleased stuff"? And I'm talking not about any sort of early development builds. Is there anything cutted from a nearly final or even final product? Maybe some parts of levels? Or maybe simply some notes were cutted? Or anything at all? Events? Puzzles?
I'm really intrigued regarding the super secret project. I read Thomas' 'The Self, Presence and story telling' a few days ago, which revealed the true depth of your design philosophy.
I'm very excited to hear more about the project and see what is next for frictional games.
Good god, it took me way too long to really appreciate this blog. I am doing a project in making a game design document for Intro to Game Development. I looked at the sales figures for Amnesia for a presentation but then started looking at all the other blog titles.

This blog is the ultimate jackpot of game design blogs. It talks about every single aspect of game design. At least to me it seems unique. All these blog posts basically cover all material in the class and later classes.

This is the 2nd time a Swedish game company has shown strong support for the community. Paradox Interactive's staff and game developers regularly post in the forums. Impressive to say the least.
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