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Full Version: My game disc has no data on it.
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I bought Black Plague from Best Buy yesterday and when I tried to install it I discovered that the disc was devoid of any data whatsoever. Earlier today I returned to Best Buy and exchanged the faulty disc for a new one and I ran into the same problem when I got home. I tried both discs on different machines and still nothing. What can you do to help me?
When you said "devoid of data", can you describe exactly what happens? Does it say "No disc in drive", or does it open an empty folder that says "0 bytes", etc? What operating systems have you tried it on? (Although CD/DVD filesystems are OS independent...hmm)

Mass-produced discs are made from aluminum stamped out by a machine. It's hard for one to accidentally be blank when they are made like this Smile
Maybe your PC has trouble handling the copy-protection mechanism on the disc.
I can think of no possible solution for that though.
Does your autorun work? So, can you press the install button but after that nothing happpens, or what?