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Full Version: Break the Lock (Working Title) Full Conversion -Serious and Huge-
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I know there's about a million people announcing their full conversion mods or asking for a team but that's part of what this area of the forums are for so I'm going to add to it! Lol. Anyways back to business, I'm working on my own total and full conversion mod of A:TDD which will not take place in the late 1800's other than maybe some flashbacks and such things.

This story takes place in an asylum/mental institution/some sort of such place in the year of which we equate the 2000's (but may not be necessarily in this universe I'm not sure yet) and surrounds the story of Justine (not the same Justine as in the DLC I've just really been liking that name lately) and of course her regaining of memory but also discovering the truth about those around her. She's married to a lovely 19 year-old woman named Valyrie (still working on the last names I'll probably think of them soon) and that is the only thing she can cling to on her journey. This story is full of secrets only the most witty can discover. Some of those secrets...are beneath your very feet. Every nook and crevice could hold the clues to keep you alive...or kill you. Only you can find the ones that will reunite you to your beloved wife... Wherever she may be. If she's even alive. The institution has secrets of its own and involve the most gruesome realities-or are they all surreal-human nature. There are numerous secrets to unfold. Will you find them all?

Pretty crappy summary and it gives a lot away but that summary is only to grab the attention of some much needed conversion staff members. The real one will be better and less revealing. Also, as the title of this thread says the title of the mod is in working. I've yet to think of a better one. Anyways I'm getting off topic again. I need:

-As many scriptors as I can get my hands on. This project needs to happen as fast as possible before I graduate in May.

-Voice Actors/Actresses. So far I have a classmate acting Justine and maybe Justine's Psychiatrist unless I can find someone on here or in the flesh and blood to take the part. Any taken parts will be updated onto here later. The open parts are:

  • Dr. Catherine Dremland (Justine's Psychiatrist) [Female]
  • Dr. Scot Willton (Co-worker to Dr. Dremland. Neurologist/Psychiatrist) [Male]
  • Dr. Sylven Gren (Co-worker Psychiatrist) [Male]
  • Valyrie Wynters (Justine's wife) [obviously Female]
  • Ritual Holder [Male/Female whoever wants the part]
  • Ritual Participants [Male/Female " ]
  • Ritual Torture Victims [Male/Female " ]
  • (Possibly) A few other roles such as Parents/Best Friends/etc
-Map Makers. Again I need this project to be fast so I need people to help me with creating modern medical facility maps and even some objects if possible. I have the Autodesk Maya program with needed plugins and can hopefully make that available for you by private messaging through e-mail. Be warned I do take constructive criticism but I want this game to resemble my vision as closely as possible so no big changes that would change the concept unless they're cool and more of a side-ish concept. I.e. my friend at school gave me the idea of the facility being built on top of some kind of religious establishment where torturings took place.

-Music composer people. I want eerie music like Amnesia's for some parts but I also want some DnB (Drum n Bass)/Liquid dubstep (or whatever it's called) in my game. I love those two genres and think it'll be a nice modern touch to the game and keep people interested instead of the same old eerie orchestra stuff. I don't want the song to have actual lyrics but "O"/"Oooo" sounds are okay as long as they aren't too repetetive. Music helps make a game!

-Creative thinkers! I'm still trying to develop my story but I need some help. I want puzzle developers, plot creators, etc etc that can think of some really cool stuff to add into the game to make it more appealing to players and unique. But again I will not completely redo my plot. My vision is my vision but of course suggestions are welcome.

So now that I told you what I need and you're still reading through this giant wall of text XD I'll tell you what my vision actually is for this game. I'm not sure if all of this can be achieved but here's what I want to include in the game:

-Interactive flashbacks. I already have multiple flashback things set up. One is in the beginning and is interactive but I'm wondering if I can do that or not. Some flashbacks are scary but the goal of them is to relieve the player of the stressors in the present momentarily. Comic reliefs welcome. There's also mini flashbacks where Justine will see something/hear something and she'll remember sounds or dialogue like Daniel in Amnesia but they won't take her deep into the memory like flashbacks in White Night.

-Lots of realistic effects and sounds and such things. This story needs to become the player. It needs to make up for the fact it's in first person and the player cannot see the main character. I don't like faceless characters with no dialogue (aka pretending I'm the main character) it makes the game less real for me. I want players to become immersed in Justine's life and want to continue discovering her past along with those around her. I will be writing the notes however. Ideas for the notes are okay but that territory is fully mine since I'm writing this story in a journal like a novel.

Okay well that's all for this recruiting thread ;P If you're interested let me know on here and we can contact through e-mail and/or text messaging and even Skype I suppose but I'm shy so probably not lol. There's a playlist on Youtube I'd recommend anyone to watch that goes through the steps of making an Amnesia mod. You don't have to watch them but I'd like you to. It shows how to script Waking Up, making doors sound locked, basic Scripting, the ways around the Level Editor, Model Editor, etc. It's great to watch so watch it! It's by YourComputer/ThisIsYourComputer. It's a guy with a strange accent/speech sound.
Quite some interesting info. What you're asking for is definitely time-consuming and takes quite a lot of effort to make. But with the proper team you can definitely make a successful FC.

Story's got my attention (good thing). Maybe you'll be lucky and someone will join you. I have my own problems over at my spot, so I can't join.
I can voice a male character! I like the sound of Dr. Scot Smile But whoever I don't mind, contact me.
(09-25-2012, 09:00 PM)Nemet Robert Wrote: [ -> ]Quite some interesting info. What you're asking for is definitely time-consuming and takes quite a lot of effort to make. But with the proper team you can definitely make a successful FC.

Story's got my attention (good thing). Maybe you'll be lucky and someone will join you. I have my own problems over at my spot, so I can't join.
I'm hoping I can get people. So far the biggest thing holding me back is scripting. Everything else I could try and do on my own although it will take much longer and probably won't be earilier than when I graduate. I don't have a techy sponge brain so I've tried to learn as much as possible about scripting but nothing is sticking and there's so much to take in it's overwhelming. But anyways (and this is going to sound so cheap) but if you can point me to any websites or forums where scriptors might be available that would mean so much. I can imagine what tough spots you must be going through though that's never fun lol!
Thank you for mentioning the story interests you XD to me the description seemed bland but in my head it looks amazing xD I wish there was a way I could turn my thoughts into words to make it sound better ;P