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Full Version: Hiring: Level Designer Wanted
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Could always try to ask if Frictional Games is hiring new people.
i would LOVE tow ork with you guys as a team!
I've already made 4 mods , 1 of them is a FULL CONVERSION.
I'm also helping out 2 people with their story.
SO, i think my mapping is quite good.
If you are still interesting in someone who knowse the engine and knows how to make a cool script and map,
Let me know and THIS is my dream, believe it or not,
to be a part with such a cool team and awesome game! for more information about me \ storys and more.
I'd love to know too.
If you just read the post you'll notice they want industry people, not modders.

Atleast 1 finished game on your resume/CV.
Actually, sir, you can't blame "modders" for trying to apply.
Since the following requirement is giving green light.

Quote:*Having designed and implement gameplay for a commercial game or a released mod/indie project.
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