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Full Version: Hiring: Level Designer Wanted
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Looking for Level Design. Check the blog post for more information.
Wow, great post indeed!

I'd join, but my mapping skills are quite low. I'd be nothing but a shame for the team. I wish you "good" luck.

You'll need it.
Wow! I would love to run for this position but while I have faith in my mapping skills, I don't in my coding skills haha. But anyway best of luck to you guys - Your work is so inspirational!
Great indeed.
Aw yeah.
Quote:Further Qualifications:
  • Experience in writing fiction.
  • Skills in 3D modeling.
  • Experience in the horror-genre.
  • Interest in science and science-fiction.
  • Experience with Fmod and/or sound-editing.
Would love to participate. Too bad I'm too young. I'll hope for the future though!
Hell, I would get in if I wasn't too young and I had experience. I love fiction and I'm aspiring to be a film director, so I study a bit the mechanisms of fear and storylines.

Also, my scripting isn't my best thing, but I'm learning to do "for" loops-(is it noob stuff?)
I also model simple things. Maybe I could do a door for you or something.
My level design isn't the best, but I think it's acceptable. Perhaps I could give you a sample of things I do.
Also, I try to think in innovative puzzles, always that I'm capacitated to do them.

But, I'm not a professional. I could do something for you sometimes, but no: I'm not enough for Frictional games. Hope you have luck searching more persons Wink

Indeed, great opportunity...

Are you still hiring?
This was posted more than a year ago, I seriously doubt it.

Can always pm me cv/portfolio etc if interested.
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