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Full Version: Just Finished
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Hi all

I just finished Penumbra a few mins ago, and man, that ending was just awesome. I almost felt like turning off the computer before proceeding, just so I could gather myself before finishing it.

I was truely afraid and jumped at the ending! Great game and looking forward to Episode 2, after having played the demo before I bought Episode 1

I just hope that they continue using the engine for more great games, and maybe even Episode 3?
hey, sounds almost like the way I felt when I first played it through.
I admit I actually had to stop playing for a few hours after only playing the first "chapter" to calm down a bit.
To be honest I loved the ending to but, it was a little quick to be a scarey ending but hey its the best 6 hours of my life ! now penumbra black plague is released i loved and beated it its so much more fun! Tongue