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Full Version: Horror Music Theme
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Well, it's just a short one, but it needs fine-tuning. Tell me what you think! (Note it is just a preview. Extended version will come later.)
My lexicon regarding music is quite dull, so I'll try to express my self articulately regarding the matter...

For it to be "horror", you have to set a mood; a slow pacing lone instrument; or at least aspiring for minimum instruments. An adagio which carries the plot with it, the feeling of the characters and or the world; which is why most horror themes are minimalistic; to assert the loneliness, pain and terror the protagonist(Amnesia) / antagonist(FEAR) feels.
What you have here, is a fresh beat which apparently utilizes some old hardware to accommodate the poppy tune..
For a theme, I think it is way to vivid; it would fit pretty well for a chasing scene, or a tune for a scare event to assure confusion with such lush and full body. But for a theme? I don't feel it. =|

Note : In modern "horror / terror"; what I said is most likely true (my own opinion), in oldschool def of the genre, it would definitely be a theme, or at least more likely. Oldschool "horror" is more like "Walk around and shoot everything"; so anything which attempts to insert adrenaline in your pumps 100% of the time playing, oldschool takes the bite.
Again, it's a good tune; but it feels too confusing and full to be horror under my take.
This will be IDEAL for my story. This is the kind of track I was searching for. What program did you use? I would like to make my own soundtracks.
This was more of a chase music I made, I forgot to point that out sorry. I will be working on more ambient songs after I get home from Turkey.
I made this in FL Studio.
Yes, that's what I mean. I will have a modified enemy and this would be ideal for a scene of my CS. Do you have more creations anywhere?
I have them saved on my laptop hehe.
I will release when I feel that it's either complete, or will not work in my Project.