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Full Version: My First Custom Story DEMO!
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5 minutes - 30 minutes = a preview or very early testing(if only 5-10 minutes i would not recommended it for public test. Do it yourself or have a friend try)

15 minutes - 60 minutes = a demo

5 minutes - end of story/infite = beta testing

This is something I just made up and nothing official, but this logic should give a good idea of how long some things are expected to be. feel free to use it or not.
In Amnesia, the devs did with the Shadow's macabre growth; slowly reaching the player as the player runs towards something I cannot remember after escaping a prison, I should replay the game sometime.
You can check the original levels for that script, there's that one level I noted above which has a creeping fog as a wall; but I highly doubt the damage-zone is parented to anything, rather than that the damage-zone is part of the growing influence of the shadow on the floor; I.E: Many, many separate different tiles of zones....Well, Amnesia is already annoying to script in; more annoyance is not that bad.

By "Generic walls" I meant that they lack any color, the walls itself already look esoteric; to leave it 'alone' is already out of place. I suggested adding more stuff onto it to make it seem more rich, although I think an outer wall should generally be made out of stone, but yours specifically needs to be taller to actually hide the castle behind it.
So, the decals will not totally 'fix' the wall; if it works well it can be enhanced. Try to take some reference to see what is that exactly you're missing, or how important at all you think that aesthetic is to you. (If that's the last time we see that wall, I may understand why you will be reluctant to spend more time on it. But if the innards of the castle are engulfed with that same wall everywhere...It's better to rethink it)
Again, go look at references if you want to do anything with it, if you don't : Just fixate yourself on continuing the story, return to fixing that level when you finished more than a single level.
(10-16-2012, 09:33 AM)Solipsist Wrote: [ -> ]In Amnesia...

By "Generic walls" I...

I will stay with the level and change the wall. But about the story being a continuation of the main, I think that will not be true! I've analyzed the main story and I couldn't find any way of making this "match" with some ending. I the Alexander ending Daniel died, in the Daniel ending he got away of the castle, leaving the Shadow or killing it I guess. And I have no idea what happened on the Agrippa ending. Like I said, I'm going to change the outside walls, and continue the story. And I'm also going to look for the "Wall of Doom" script, but it doesn't have ANYTHING to do with the custom story. Maybe Daniel is mentioned during the story or something, but that's a 50%-50%. Thanks for all your feedback guys. And thanks for the ideas too. I appreciate it a LOT! Smile
I made this---->

[Image: vingdemcastle_zpsa938f814.png]
That's a lot better Wink
(10-16-2012, 03:31 PM)The chaser Wrote: [ -> ]That's a lot better Wink

Haha Thanks! Big Grin
I would add more trees so it looked a more big wood. It's ok, but it's just a tip.
By "Leave the level and return to it later" I meant: You do not have to completely polish the fuck out of this one level before even beginning the rest; when I draw, I make sure I don't return to the drawing ever again after finishing it. If you don't, you end up just polishing it ad infinitum without starting / continuing anything else.
I suspected you published your demo with a single level to get a sense of praise for an unfinished project; so you may get your fix and abandon it. I hope you're not like that, but there sure are a lot of people like that around.

P.S: That new design does look a lot better than the lonely previous design, the colors are a tad tricky..But color management, contrast and all of that hooey is irrelevant right now; the important thing in the end of the day is to have good gameplay, good story and finish it off by polishing all that surrounds it. ( I know it's hard to resist playing barby with your levels, but you must resist!)
(10-16-2012, 10:00 PM)Solipsist Wrote: [ -> ]By "Leave the level and return to it later"...

I understand you, the problem is that in order to start the inner places of the castle, I have to finish the outside in order to have a base or start point. About the colors... I had Global Ambient and Spot lights turned ON, the real lightning looks a lot better than that. And... you are right that a lot of people don't finish their projects, but I assure you that once I start something, no matter what It'll get finished. Stay subbed to this thread in order to get notified when I post the complete work. Thanks for your tips, help and feedback! Smile

(10-16-2012, 03:54 PM)The chaser Wrote: [ -> ]I would add more trees so it looked a more big wood. It's ok, but it's just a tip.
From the Player perspective trees are infinite. The idea was to have a plain opening at the castle entrance. But thanks for the tip! Smile
The progress is slow cause I'm one, and I'm not 24/7 doing this. But here is where are when you first go into Vingdem Caste.

[Image: 9241e766d2800d9ddb48b0f9385b52e2.png?1351454623]

Ideas, tips, comments, feedback, etc. are always welcome! Thank you! Smile
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