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Full Version: Thanks
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I just finished P:BP and I felt I should say thank you to devs for this game series.

Recently, I also played latest games like Crysis and Bioshock, and Penumbra is a clear winner for me. Atmosphere, sound&music, story, gameplay - all were top-notch. The only problem was its duration - too short. Clearly the engine and idea had bigger potential: larger maps, more enemies, more sneaking, more (and much harder!) puzzles were possible, but well, thanks for what we got. I realize it's a "bedroom project", but maybe because it wasn't developed by a big corporate it came off so well, I would prefer independent, small development team over large bureaucratic suits army anytime.

Only 2 games in the latest year gripped me enough, it's Stalker and Penumbra.

I hope Penumbra devs will continue to create innovative and deep games like this, and future games from the team will be even better. We'll wait!


Amen to that. It was the whole mood, deepness, emotions that set the game apart from all other games out there.