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Full Version: italian release of black plague
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Hi. I was wondering whe you will publish the italian localized version. thanks for this info, I really want to play it, but I'm waiting for my language's version.
please, can someone tell me something? I don't want to buy the game in english and then uncover that it will be localized in italian also.
hey? is it possible that even mod o other peolpe can't know when (if) BP will be localized in italian? no official infos? I check the website, nothing. only english is important for you? the rest of the world should not appreciate this game? if this is your philosphy I don't think i'll buy it. not in english.
Don't know if there is an italian localisation in the making, please send this sort of questions to Paradox as they know if or when a localisation will come.
ok, thanks for the hint. will send the question immediately. I hope they'll reply.
I have asked to paradox but no one replies. no one here can contact them and tell us about this info? I think they should tell it in news in their website or something. why they don't mind in giving such infos? it's extremely important to know that for italian playersa, I think. remember that a lot of italian doesn't comprehend foreign lenguages and, a much larger group, preferes anyway to play a game in italian, personally only subbed text cause italian sucks in giving voices to videogames.
so, no one can search for this important info?