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Full Version: Gamma control - can't adjust.
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I have problem with Penumbra Collection. At first start there is gamma control to adjust brightness. The thing is, that it's not working. I can turn gamma to 0.1, but nothing happened - game is bright as it was (there is almost no need to turn on glowstick or flashlight, because i see near everything without it). Sure - I can adjust monitor gamma, but even when monitor gamma is set on almost maximum darkness, game still is too bright for me. Why I can't adjust gamma from game (maybe this settings are too deep in X to change by game)?

Distro: Fedora 17/18 x86_64.
What window manager are you using?

Have you tried switching to a *non* compositing window manager and see if it works then?
Well - I'm using GNOME3.

PS: I was experiencing this same thing on KDE4.


I've switched to GNOME Fallback and IceWM - on both this same issue.