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Full Version: High-Level storytelling design
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Blog post on high-level storytelling design in games.
I love some of the ideas you guys come up with. I can see where you are going with the "full-freedom" approach, but I'm just afraid of how many people can easily get distracted by say... A lamp in a dark corner across the room. In Amnesia: TDD, when I stumbled upon Agrippa, I listened to him for a few moments but got distracted by the loud gears going off in the ceiling next to him and missed a few key things he was saying. In the end, I never cut off his head because I didn't know he asked for it. =\ Of course, I didn't get the Agrippa ending. I also missed a few names he mentioned as well. I just hope it works out correctly if you vow to take this path. =X
I enjoyed reading that blog post.

I like that many games today that have storytelling for gameplay it has a hard impact on the player. Like The Walking Dead. I have not played it myself, but I've been watching it with people from Youtube and I almost cried myself at the end of it.

Just whenever someone makes a storytelling game, they should not over do it. Like in my opinion: The Metal Gear Solid series. There was way to much to comprehend in those games, as the cutscenes were way too long, less gameplay, and it was kind of senseless.

As long as you do not overdue it too much with story. You will have a masterpiece, and that is what makes a game great.