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Full Version: SC Custom Models Part II
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So i am currently working on a custom story, set during the third reich !

So i started to convert some models from ET into .dae files and created some new entities !
First of all there are some screenshots. I will add a download link next week !!
Models : ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Screenshots :

[Image: et7fu3d2.jpg][Image: 9m6u87zj.jpg]

SC Custom Models Part I
What is "ET"? Anyways, it seems like you are claiming those models as yours. ET won't be copyrighted, right?

Anyways, I like the tank or the panzerfaust. They look cool, imagine getting a panzerfaust and shooting it against a Grunt :3

I must say that I don't like the planes.
Due to the fact i am a noobie in creating models i used the models from ET ( Enemy Territory, a free to play FPS Game based on the quake 3 engine ). I just converted the models.
I only created the models marked with "by myselfs". First of all i have to look up if its legal to share this models. But i will definetly upload the models i created !
I know about the sourcecode of ET is free to use but i am not shure about the models ...
I don't think it's entirely legal to just convert and share models from another game. We've had this issue with other models.
Update 12.12.2012 :
  • Added new model "trench" created by myself
  • Added download link for "bunker" and "trench"
Aren't those the same models that are used in Return to Castle Wolfenstein? In that case they are from a commercial game, even if Enemy Territory was free...

In any case you better find out what's up with the copyright on those models or the moderators may not allow you to post your Custom Story on the forums. Sad
We've had that situation a few times already and it would be a shame... there aren't enough "modern" Custom stories around!
Quote: I must say that I don't like the planes.
If my theory is correct, they are from an eleven years old game. So cut 'em some slack Wink
(12-12-2012, 11:43 PM)Hirnwirbel Wrote: [ -> ]Aren't those the same models that are used in Return to Castle Wolfenstein? In that case they are from a commercial game, even if Enemy Territory was free...
Not every model is the same as used in Return to Castle Wolfenstein, i think about 75% of the models are created by Splash Damage thats why you have a "_sd" behinde the folder name in the game files !
Yeah i will try to find out about the copyright for this models !Till that i will post models created by myself with DL links !
Thanks for keeping them private until you get copyright privileges. I follow the strange restriction rule, but I do not like the idea of closing every thread for one or so ripped or pirated model. In my eyes, it's a mod and you're not making money off of it. Granted, it is illegal to distribute ripped models, I miss the old days where creativity was allowed. It kinda sucks anymore. =\

So stick to finding copyright privileges. I wish you luck in doing so.
If everything fails, you can always make new textures and change the meshes a bit. Maybe add more detail, they could use it... after that they are technically not the ripped models anymore, right? Wink
(Well, legally they are, I guess, but hey who's going to be able to prove it...)

Anyway I'll be following this CS with interest. It's a pretty serious setting you're tackling there, so I wonder in what direction the story will go. Over-the-top dark humor like wolfenstein or gritty, precisely researched realism?
i am not quite sure which way i take in this CS Tongue ... maybe a story about the myths of the third reich and the occultism combinated with some hard facts about WWII ... but i am not sure ... its just an idea in my mind and i am currently searching for textures and creating models ! Maybe i will wait untill AMFP !!

  • started rebuilding panzerfaust ( model and texture )
  • started rebuilding dynamite ( model and texture )
  • started rebuilding german grenade ( model and texture )
UPDATE 16.12.12 :
  • Finished model for panzerfaust, dynamite and grenade.
  • working on texture for the finished models !