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Full Version: Make a model transparent as a window in blender![HELP]
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So, I'm currently doing a model which includes a window but I don't know if the blender tutorials 'how to make things transparent in blender' work with Amnesia engine. Huh

So how to make a model have transparent windows?

Regards Syltpasta Smile
Look at static_objects/mansionbase/mansionbase_window_blue_seethrough.mat as an example.
Okey, thanks
But this means I need 2 textures in one model, how do I work around this?
Have two meshes - each with individual textures. Export both from the same project. One model for the glass, one for the windows. Glass can be colored a flat grey - then set to to translucent in the .mat file. After that - experiment with the diffuse to get a look you like.
okey! thanks Smile