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Full Version: 2008-04 Tuesday 1st, Penumbra 3 - BWaV Announced!
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*april fools*

Frictional Games announces Penumbra Sequel

Penumbra 3 : Back With a Vengeance to be released worldwide Q1 2009

Helsingborg, Sweden - Frictional Games proudly announces the release of the third game in the Penumbra Series, named "Back with a vengeance". This highly anticipated chapter in the Penumbra story will have the protagonist making a final stand against the alien threat faced in Black Plague. "We really thought that the last game ended in a rather lame fashion and wanted the series to go out with a bang!", says co-owner Thomas Grip. "And what better way to create a bang than with an action-filled blood soaked ending! Everyone loves explosions and we feel that we need to cash in on that too!".

The game starts out as Philip awakens in a dark basement. Dazzled and confused he starts doing the only thing he can - pumping those muscles! By using his engineering skills he starts building one badazz gym and make sure no aliens will mess with him anymore. Full off steroids and 110% raw muscle strength, Philip sets out to destroy the alien threat with machineguns, bazookas and hand-to-hand techniques!

Main features include

- Physically simulated gym. At any point during the game, Philip can start pumping the iron!!
- Bucket loads of blood and gore!
- Timed button events to further enhance the action!!!
- A great arsenal with all kinds of guns, rifles and weapons of mass destruction!
- No bloody puzzles!!!
- Adults Only Rating!

You know you want it!!!!
[Image: Penumbra - Back With a Vengence!.jpg]
"Take that you modda fogga!!!!!!" - Philip
Cool! There was a note on this in the latest issue of Edge too, I'm so looking forward to this!
yeah really funny u really had me there for like two second.
Btw i thougt that Philip had blonde hair and when did he start smoking Smile
Made me laugh.
I probably would've fallen for it for a while if I wasn't going april-fools-thread-hunting. Tongue
Nice, are there any promo pics yet?

EDIT: Love the look of HPL2 btw!
Jeeze! Don't even joke about something this amazing! Sad
that would be incorrect you see phillip wants the person he trusted to kill the tuurngait! not him so i knew this was a bluff. but if your going to make a penumbra realeted game its ether going to be his freind who he sent the letter to. or a prouloge with his father.
jo291 Wrote:if your going to make a penumbra realeted game its ether going to be his freind who he sent the letter to. or a prouloge with his father.

If we have to choose from these two, then game about his father would be better.
Lol nice Smile.

One question, and one question only: Would you ever consider making a FPS game?
That would just ruin FrictionalGames so hard! If they are going to do an FPS, i will start calling them FrictionalGays J/K.

But honestly, if Frictional makes a FPS, i will start ignore them, seriously.
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